​Toothache is usually caused by caries. The severity of symptoms may range from a mild twinge to unbearable throbbing pain. Toothache can be relieved by self-care, but the cause of ache has to be checked at the dentist’s.

Toothache may be caused by a cavity, infection or an angry wisdom tooth. Sometimes toothache can occur after dental treatment following a filling, root canal or tooth extraction. Often toothache is caused by eating or drinking something cold or sweet. Hot and cold or tapping on the tooth may evoke the ache.


​The first step in treating toothache is to try painkillers available at pharmacies without a prescription. Pharmacy staff will help you select the right product, if necessary. You can also try cold or hot compression.

You should always consult your dentist even if​ the toothache stops at first.

When should you seek medical advice?

​If you have a toothache, you should seek medical advice, even if the ache stops.  If you have a toothache and clearly also some swelling on the facial area, you should contact emergency dental services.​

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Updated  22.4.2021