​General information

Toothache is very common. It may vary from mild pain to extreme shooting pain when even the lightest touch may be unbearable. The pain may be caused by a cavity, infection or an angry wisdom tooth.

Sometimes toothache can occur after dental treatment following a filling, root canal or tooth extraction. Often toothache is caused by eating or drinking something cold or sweet. Even air flow can cause pain in teeth.


The first step in treating toothache is to try painkillers available at pharmacies without a prescription. The pharmacy staff will help you choose the right product. You can also try cold or hot compression. Use toothpaste with fluorine to relieve tooth sensitivity.

When should you seek medical advice?

You should always consult your dentist even if the toothache goes away. If your other symptoms include swelling of the facial area, you should contact emergency dental services.

If you have an underlying illness or take regular medication that affects your immune system, you should contact health-care professionals as instructed by your own doctor.

This Self-care instruction has been produced in collaboration with Duodecim Terveyskirjasto

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Updated  5.6.2020