In the case of an emergency

Being prepared for situations where emergency response and first aid skills are needed makes it easier to act in a real situation.

Assess the situation

If you are the first to arrive at the scene of an accident, you should try and establish what has happened. If there are several people at the scene, the one with the most experience should take charge. The leader should quickly form an overall picture of the situation and decide what assistance and emergency medical services are needed.

Call the emergency number

Call 112 in the case of genuine emergencies, when someone’s life, health, property or the environment is in danger, or you have reason to believe so.

When you call 112,

  • answer the questions the operator asks you
  • follow the instructions given by the operator
  • do not finish the call until you are given permission to do so

This way you can ensure that help will arrive as quickly as possible!

Rescue those in danger and prevent further injuries

After forming an overall picture of the situation and calling 112, rescue those who are in danger and, after that, prevent potential further injuries. Remember to keep calm and think, so that you don’t put the life, health or property of others or yourself at risk!

Give necessary first aid

Anyone who has been injured or become suddenly ill should be assessed to determine the type of first aid they need. The first thing is always to ensure the patient’s oxygen supply, that is, breathing and circulation, and give emergency first aid while waiting for the ambulance. For a detailed first aid guide, see Finnish Red Cross First Aid Guide (

Elsewhere on

Under the Should you go to the emergency department? section of the website you will find the online course Stop and assist at a scene of an accident from which you will learn the necessary skills to act at the scene of a traffic accident.

Updated  1.5.2021