Stop and help an unresponsive person



In this online course you will learn how to act if you encounter an unresponsive person. The online course is free for anyone to take. The online course includes a theoretical section and a learning video. You will learn how to give CPR, use the defibrillator and what to do if you come across an unresponsive person.

Finally, you can test your knowledge with the multiple choice quiz. The online course gives you the tool to assist an unresponsive person and to refresh your CPR skills. Remember that the most important thing is that you stop and help.

pic Resuscitation (CPR)

If a person is unresponsive, you should start CPR.

pic Defibrillator

Using a defibrillator as part of CPR is important. Automatic defibrillators are safe for anyone to use without training.

pic 112 Suomi mobile app

112 Suomi is a mobile app for locating the emergency location.

pic Test your knowledge

In this section, you can test your knowledge.