Is the patient unconscious?

It is essential to make sure that the person who seems unconscious is breathing.

​If the patient is not breathing after clearing the airways or the breathing does not look normal to you, you should treat the patient as unresponsive and start CPR. If the patient is lying on their back, it is possible that their tongue is blocking the airways. Therefore, it is important to clear the airways and keep an eye on the quality of breathing.

Clearing the airways

You can keep airways of an unconscious person open by tilting their head gently backwards from the chin and forehead. Keep looking and feeling for their breath.

Is the patient breathing normally?

Keep an eye on the chest: is it moving up and down regularly.

Feel for the breath with the back of your hand or your cheek. If the breathing sounds like snoring, something may be blocking the airways.

It is important to ensure that the breathing is normal. If the patient is not breathing normally, start resuscitation.


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Updated  1.5.2021