Stop and assist at the scene of an accident



In this online course, you will learn how to act at the scene of an accident. The online course is free for anyone to take. The online course includes a theoretical section and a learning video. You will learn basic first aid skills and safety measures. Finally, you can test your knowledge with the multiple-choice quiz. The online course gives you the tools that you need to act correctly at a scene of an accident. Remember that the most important thing is that you stop and help.

Scenes of accidents are all different. Our example is a traffic accident on a quiet road. There is one person assisting two victims. If there are more than one person to assist at the scene of an accident, the most experienced one of you should start by assessing the situation and, if possible, share tasks between other helpers.

pic What to do at the scene of an accident?

Instruction on how to assess the situation.

pic Moving a victim in an emergency

If the victim is in immediate danger, you must move them to a safer location.

pic Clearing the airways and stopping the bleeding

Instructions on how to keep the victim’s airways open and assess their breathing and to stop their bleeding.

pic Safety

How to stay safe at the scene of a road accident.

pic 112 Suomi mobile app

112 Suomi is a mobile app for locating an emergency.

pic Test your knowledge

In this section, you can test your knowledge.