When you arrive at an emergency department

Information about what to do when you register at an emergency department.


Please take a queue number from the device by the door and take a seat in the lobby.

The reception nurse in the entrance lobby is happy to assist and answer questions.

As you are waiting for your turn, you might want to consider what regular medication you are taking and what allergies you have, if any, and fill in the patient information form.

You will be called in by a nurse, who will enter your details into the patient system and assess your need for care.

We do not have journals or magazines available in the waiting area because we want to avoid the spread of viruses and bacteria.

We hope that you are as keen as we are on good hand hygiene – that's why we have basins for hand washing and hand sanitizer in the waiting areas. Please use them.

Remember that parking fees apply in the hospital district.

We hope that your visit to the emergency services goes smoothly!

Updated  1.5.2021