The Hospital District of Southwest Finland, Emergency Medical Service and Emercency Departments


The Emergency Medical Unit of the Hospital District of Southwest Finland provides emergency care and prehospital care services for the hospital district.

Our emergency departments treat illnesses and injuries that require urgent emergency care that cannot be postponed without the symptoms or injury getting worse. Patients attending emergency services usually have many symptoms or illnesses that are related to the need for acute help. An overall assessment of the patient is needed for determination of how urgent the need for help is. Both doctors and nurses see patients at our emergency departments and the aim is to offer patients the appropriate care in a flexible and timely manner.

Pre-hospital care services are provided by the hospital district and by private service providers as well as the Southwest Finland Emergency Medical Services, based on a cooperation agreement.

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Information about emergency clinics in the Hospital District of Southwest Finland.

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Information about prehospital care in the Hospital District of Southwest Finland.