Tays Valkeakoski Emergency Department

TAYS Valkeakoski emergency department provides emergency care 24/7. The Emergency Department provides both specialised emergency care and the joint emergency services for primary health care centres.

Primary health care emergency services at Tays Valkeakoski Hospital

Tays Valkeakoski Emergency Room provides primary emergency care in day-time to residents of Valkeakoski and at other times and weekends to residents of Valkeakoski, Akaa, Urjala, Kangasala, Pälkäne, Lempäälä and Vesilahti.

Primary health care emergency services are available without a referral. We treat patients who require urgent treatment and whose treatment cannot be provided at a health centre.

Before arriving at the Emergency Department, please call medical helpline 116117.

The calls are handled by experienced nurses who will assess your need for care, give you the necessary self-care advice and direct you to the correct place of care.

If a non-Finnish speaking patient requires interpreting, the nurse will contact an interpreter service. Interpretation services are available to the patient free of charge.

Treatment at Tays Valkeakoski Hospital

TAYS Valkeakoski emergency room provides emergency care 24/7 Patients are primarily referred to the Emergency by a doctor. Without a referral, treatment is provided only in case of acute health and life-threatening accidents and diseases. Patients are examined and treated in order of urgency.

A triage nurse will assess your need and urgency for care. If the patient’s condition is not life-threatening or does not require urgent care, they are directed to another care provider or discharged.

After the assessment of the need for treatment, you are asked to wait in the lobby or taken straight to the ward to a bed, from where you will be seen by a nurse or a doctor.

You will always be seen by a doctor if your condition requires this. If necessary, the patient is sent to the laboratory or x-ray for further examination. After this, the doctor will decide on the course and place of treatment.

Usually, patients are assessed within 10 minutes from arrival, after which they are treated in order of urgency. However, emergency medicine can be unpredictable and situations change quickly, so be prepared to wait longer. The total treatment time for patients in specialised emergency care is approximately 3.5 hours, and for patients in primary emergency care usually approx. 1.5 hours.

You may be admitted to the Observation Unit for further studies or monitoring for one or two days. The Observation Unit also treats patients requiring urgent short-term hospital care, such as

  • patients with infections
  • cardioversion patients
  • patients requiring monitor observation
  • patients with mild poisoning
  • surgical patients with short inpatient aftercare

During the observation, your doctor will decide whether you can be discharged, or whether you need further treatment, such as enhanced home nursing or to be admitted to a ward at the health centre or hospital.


The emergency services personnel include nurses, practical nurses and paramedic nurse. The physicians include general practitioners, specialising physicians or specialists. Other staff members include porters, domestic staff, laboratory technicians, department secretaries and security guards.

The number of care staff is approx. 40.

How to register as a patient

The Emergency Room is accessed through the hospital main entrance between 8.00 and 22.00. On arrival, use the self-check-in kiosk in the main lobby and take a number. The number is displayed in the lobby monitors when the patient is called to evaluation or treatment.

At night, the entrance to the Emergency Room is through the B-door (before the hospital's main door on the right). The door is kept locked, so ring the doorbell and sign up with the triage nurse.

Assessing the need for care

A nurse will assess the need for treatment and classify patients to the specialised care or primary health care emergency unit. Primary health care patients are directed to a physician or nurse or the patient's local emergency department.

Nurse’s consultation

There is also a nurse's clinic at the emergency department, staffed mainly by nurses who have sufficient work experience.

Visitors in the emergency department and Patient inquiries

Space at the observation unit is limited and to protect the patients’ privacy, family members and companions are kindly asked to wait in the lobby. Family members are welcome to see the patient briefly and to discuss the situation with the physician or nurses. In special circumstances, family members are allowed to stay with the patient if necessary.

Helpdesk/Duty nurse 03 311 67260

Patient fees

The emergency care fee is €32.70. Tays Patient Administration will send an invoice to the patient’s home address afterwards.

Drinks/snack vending machines and Cafe and ATM

There is a drinks and snack vending machine in the main lobby.

The café is open on weekdays 8.00–14.00.

There is no ATM at Tays Valkeakoski. The nearest ATM is located 350 m from the hospital at Ulvajankatu 3, 37600 Valkeakoski

How to get there and where to park

Tays Valkeakoski Hospital is located in Valkeakoski city centre.

View the map of the hospital area.

Arriving by public transport

Valkeakosken Liikenne busses from Tampere, Lempäälä and Akaa stop near Tays Valkeakoski Hospital. The bus stop is located 100 metres from the hospital on Ulvanjankatu almost opposite the hospital. Services of other bus companies stop at Valkeakoski Coach Station or city centre.

Contact details

Pirkanmaa Hospital District

Tays Valkeakoski Emergency Room

Visiting address:

Salonkatu 24

37600 Valkeakoski

Tel 03 311 67260

Fax 03 311 67422

Before arriving at the Emergency Department, please call medical helpline 116117.

In the case of an emergency call 112!

Updated  1.5.2021