Tays emergency department services

The emergency department treats patients whose lives are in danger, who have illnesses and injuries which cannot safely wait until the next weekday to be treated or who could suffer permanent damage to their health if not treated urgently.

pic Tays Accident and Emergency Department Acuta

Tays Accident and Emergency Department Acuta treats emergency patients 24/7.

pic Tays Valkeakoski Emergency Department

TAYS Valkeakoski emergency department provides emergency care 24/7.

pic Emergency Dental Services

Emergency Dental Services offer treatment in various sudden dental problems.

pic Paediatric Emergency Services

The Paediatric Emergency Department at Tays provides examination and treatment around the clock for children and adolescents under 16 years who require urgent help.

pic Obstetrics and Gynaecology Emergency Department Services

We examine and treat women who are about to give birth and pregnant patients requiring emergency care, patients who have just given birth, as well as gynaecological patients who require specialised emergency care. Women giving birth may come directly to the obstetrics department, where they will be directed to the delivery room.

pic Psychiatric Emergency Services (in Finnish)

Search mental health services available 24/7 in Pirkanmaa Hospital District from the Mentalhealthhub.fi by entering your home municipality in the search bar.

pic Emergency Care in Eye Diseases (in Finnish)

Patients with urgent eye conditions are treated at Tays Eye Centre every day between 8.00–19.00. Patients are admitted on referral from your local health centre or private physician.