Kuopio University Hospital Emergency Department

We treat patients with sudden illnesses and injuries 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

​The Kuopio University Hospital Emergency Department is a large emergency department offering services 24/7 in all specialist fields. The Kuopio Health Centre operates in a separate building, in the Kaari Hospital.

Before leaving for the emergency department, call the 24/7 Medical Helpline 116117. Calls are handled by experienced nurses and public health nurses, who will assess your need for care and give advice. If necessary, you will be instructed to go to the Emergency Department or emergency care. The service is free to use.

  • The entrance to the Emergency Department is through door C. The Kuopio Health Centre evening and weekend emergency clinic operates in the same premises, one floor above.
  • Patients are admitted to the 24 h specialised emergency health care at Kuopio University Hospital on referral or when the illness or injury cannot wait until the emergency department of the patient’s local health centre opens. The emergency department treats patients whose lives are in danger, who have illnesses and injuries that cannot safely postponed until the next weekday to be treated or who could suffer permanent damage to their health if not treated urgently. These conditions include severe chest pain, major injuries and fractures, sudden severe headache, sudden abdominal pain that is severe or gets gradually worse, sudden stroke symptoms, severe shortness of breath or difficulty breathing. The Medical Helpline will help you decide whether your condition requires emergency care. Pre-hospital care units also bring patients to the Emergency Department.
  • The Emergency Department does not renew prescriptions

How to register as a patient

Before leaving for the emergency department, call the 24/7 Medical Helpline 116117. The entrance to the Emergency Department is through door C. You will first meet a nurse on arrival (on weekdays 14.00–22.00) and on weekends and public holidays 8.00–22.00). They are happy to answer any question and give advice about your visit to the Emergency Department. The nurse will direct you to either the Kuopio Health Centre evening and weekend emergency clinic on level 1 or the Emergency Department on level 0. Take a number from the ticket dispenser on arrival. The nurse will call patients for a pre-examination by this number.

Assessing the need for care

An experienced nurse (triage nurse) will assess your need and urgency for care. If your symptoms or conditions do not require emergency care, you will be directed to another healthcare provider or given self-care instruction to follow at home.

If your situation requires emergency care, the nurse will ask you to take a seat and wait in the lobby or take you to a bed in the treatment room. After this, the nursing staff will keep an eye on your condition and treat you accordingly. If necessary, you will be asked to give laboratory samples or go to x-ray, as prescribed by a physician. The physician will decide on the treatment and the place of possible further treatment with your consent.

Visitors in the emergency room

Short visits with patients under monitoring are allowed. Otherwise family members should wait in the waiting area. You can always ask the nurses about the progress of the treatment. To keep phone lines free for necessary calls, we suggest that only one family member is named as a contact person who is in touch with the hospital staff and keeps the rest of the family informed.

Patient inquiries tel. 017 173 311

Patient fees

An outpatient clinic fee of €41.20 is charged for each examination or treatment. If the patient is admitted to a ward directly from an outpatient consultation, the outpatient clinic fee will not be charged. Fees are not charged for psychiatric outpatient care or from war veterans.

Drinks/snack vending machines

There is a drinks and snack vending machine at the emergency room and the lobby of the main building.

There are two cafés in the main building:

  • Café Marleena, open Mon-Fri 7.30 - 15.00
  • Café Sanni, which sells basic groceries and first aid supplies, open Mon-Fri 8.00–18.00 and on weekends 11.00–16.00

The nearest ATM is in the lobby of Puijo Hospital main building.


The multi-storey car park is located next to the main hospital building, parking fees apply.

Contact details

Visiting address: Puijonlaaksontie 2, 70210 Kuopio

Mailing address:PO BOX 100,70029 KYS

Telephone numbers:Need for care assessment and health advice:

Medical Helpline 116117

Patient inquiries p. 017 173 311


Updated  1.5.2021