PPSHP Emergency medical service

The Emergency medical Service unit of the Northern Ostrobothnia Hospital District operate from the Kastelli Research Centre next to Oulu University Hospital.

The PPSHP Emergency Medical Service unit plays a key administrative role in coordinating and supervising prehospital care in the hospital district and providing training in the field.

The operational role is the responsibility of service providers and units participating in care provision. The prehospital care in PPSHP is provided on contract by Oulu-Koillismaa Rescue Department and Jokilaaksojen Rescue Department in their respective catchment areas. Patient transportation services between hospitals and other places of care provided are the responsibility of a private service provider.

The role of the PPSHP Emergency Medical Service unit is to coordinate the different operators and their operations to form a seamless system of services. The PPSHP Emergency Medical Service unit also participates in the development of patient safety and quality of care in emergency medical services and academic research. The personnel of the PPSHP Emergency Medical Service unit offer expert consultation in operative and medical questions related to emergency medical care to other actors in the region.

Read more about the Emergency Medical Service unit on the website of ​ Northern Ostrobothnia Hospital District (in Finnish).

Updated  1.5.2021