Oulaskangas joint emergency department

The Oulaskangas joint emergency department provides out-of-hours primary emergency care and 24/7 specialised emergency care.

The Oulaskangas joint emergency department treats patients with acute illnesses and injuries that must be treated within the same day or during the weekend to avoid further medical risk.

In the case of an emergency!

  • Call 112
  • Poison Information Centre 09 471 977
  • In prehospital care, paramedics examine the patients and assess the need for care and ambulance transportation
  • Having been taken to the emergency department by ambulance does not affect final assessment for the need for care and does not affect waiting times.

Should you go to the emergency department?

Mon-Fri 8.00-16.00, please contact your own health centre. At other times, contact the joint emergency department services at Oulaskangas Hospital.

  • Before arriving, call the telephone health service first tel. 08 429 7840. Note that the telephone service is not physically located at Oulaskangas

Bring with you a photo ID, such as driving licence, your KELA card, and for small children their child health card (neuvolakortti). We also recommend you bring an updated list or prescriptions of your current medication, allergy information and your own asthma inhaler and insulin.

The emergency department treats injuries and sudden illnesses only. These include:

  • Severe chest pain
  • Severe chest pain
  • Heavy bleeding
  • Fever in infants under 3 months
  • Major injuries and fractures
  • Lowered level of consciousness, sudden confusion
  • Sudden, sharp headache
  • Shortness of breath
  • Sudden severe abdominal pain or abdominal pain that is getting worse
  • Severe earache that does not resolve with painkillers

Difficulties to book an appointment with your local health centre is not a valid reason to seek emergency care.

How to register as a patient

Register on arrival using the automatic system. Scan the barcode on your KELA card, driver’s licence or ID card on the reader so that the green light reads the barcode, or enter your personal ID code manually by clicking the green keyboard icon. Follow the instructions on the screen. Take the ticket printed out by the machine, which shows your queue number, and take a seat. You will be called by your number, which is shown on the number display.

Assessing the need for care

An experienced nurse at the joint emergency department will assess your need and urgency for care on arrival. Patients are examined and treated in order of urgency, not in order of arrival.

Nurse’s consultation

A nurse can consult and treat patients in cases where the symptoms do not require immediate examination or treatment by a doctor. There is also a psychiatric nurse on duty to assist patients with sudden mentally challenging situations or crises. The psychiatric nurse’s consultation does not replace the patient’s existing outpatient care contacts.

Visitors in the emergency department

There are no set visiting hours. Check with the staff that it is appropriate to visit a patient.

Patient inquiries

Patient inquiries tel. 08 315 2011

Patient fees

The Oulaskangas joint emergency department charges a health centre fee from all patients aged 18 and over

  • Weekdays 8.00-20.00: €20.90
  • Weekdays 20.00-8.00 and all day on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays: €41.70
  • Outpatient clinic fee, no age limit €41.70

Drinks/snack vending machines

Drinks/snack vending machine and a coffee vending machine are located in the waiting area. The machines accept coins and mobile payments.

The café is open Mon-Thu 8-15.30, Fri 8-15.00Sat, Sun Closed

There is no ATM at the hospital.


Free parking, you can park in any free spot.

Contact details


Oulaskangas Hospital

Oulaistenkatu 5

86300 Oulainen

Telephone numbers:

Telephone health service 08 429 7840Patient inquiries 08 429 7801

Updated  1.5.2021