Joint Emergency department Services for the Oulu Region

Joint Emergency department Services for the Oulu Region (OSYP) operates at the Oulu University Hospital in the area of Kontinkangas in Oulu. OSYP provides extensive specialised emergency care to the residents of the entire region of Northern Ostrobothnia.

OSYP houses both the primary and specialised emergency care services.

OSYP is responsible for the primary emergency care of the member municipalities in the evenings and weekends:

  • Oulu, Hailuoto, Ii, Kempele, Liminka, Lumijoki, Muhos, Pudasjärvi, Pyhäntä, Siikalatva, Tyrnävä, Utajärvi and Vaala.

The primary and specialised emergency care services operate in the same premises and they are accessed through the same entrance. The patient does not have to know whether they are seeking primary or specialised care services. The staff will carry out an initial assessment and direct patients to the correct care unit.

Before you arrive at the joint emergency department, we recommend you call the telephone health services to ensure a smooth visit and appropriate service guidance.

The number of the telephone health service for the Oulu Region is 08 315 2655.

You can call this number at any time when you are not sure how to manage a sudden medical problem. The telephone health service is open 24/7 and the calls are handled by experienced medical professionals with specialised training.

In the case of an emergency, always call 112.

How to register as a patient

OSYP operates a queuing number system. Customers are registered in the order of arrival. The number of the customer served is displayed above the registration desk and the waiting area. Access through the joint emergency department to the hospital is not allowed. After registration, the staff will let the patient through to the treatment areas.

Assessing the need for care

An experienced nurse from the joint emergency department will assess your need and urgency for care on arrival. Examinations, treatment and procedures are performed in order of urgency. It may turn out in the nurse’s assessment that your sudden symptoms do not require emergency care. In this situation, the patient will be discharged with instructions for self-care and they are advised to contact their local health centre the next working day. However, if your condition takes a turn for the worse following this assessment and before you have been consulted by your local health centre, you are welcome to come back.

Nurse’s consultation

OSYP operates nurse’s consultations in the evenings and weekends. The nurse sees and treats patients independently in cases when the patient’s symptoms do not require a physician’s examination. The nurse can always consult a doctor as necessary. The nurse may also refer the patient to the on-call doctor or the local health centre.

Visitors in the emergency department

There are no set visiting hours at the emergency department. We may need to restrict the number of visitors and family members to protect the privacy of other patients.

Patient inquiries

Inquiries about patients can be made by phone, tel. 08 315 2688. Information is given to close family members only.

Patient fees

Weekdays 20.00–8.00 and all day on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays

  • €41.20 for each doctor’s consultation
  • €24.70 for each nurse’s consultation

Weekdays 8.00–20.00 for residents of other than member municipalities

  • €20.60 for each doctor’s or nurse’s consultation

Weekdays 8.00–20.00, residents of member municipalities

  • your local health centre will send an invoice to your home address
  • The fees are charged to patients aged 18 and over. If in addition to a general practitioner, your condition requires an examination or treatment by a consultant, you will be charged an outpatient clinic fee instead of the health centre fee. Outpatient clinic fees are charged for all patients regardless of age.

Drinks/snack vending machines

There are snack and drinks vending machines in the waiting area, from which light refreshments can be purchased. The vending machines are operated with coins. There is also a note exchange machine in the emergency department. There is also a water cooler which is free for everyone to use.


There is a Nosto ATM in lobby B2.


Parking fees apply in the hospital area. Construction work in the hospital area may cause changes in parking arrangements at short notice.

Contact details

Joint Emergency department Services for the Oulu RegionVisiting address: Oulu University HospitalKajaanintie 50, entrance A1Mailing address: Joint Emergency department for the Oulu Region,PO Box 20, 90029 OYS

Telephone health service and assessments of need for careTelephone (08) 315 2655

Patient inquiries

Telephone (08) 315 2688

Invoicing and insurance inquiriesTelephone (08) 315 2031​


Updated  1.5.2021