Medical Helpline – telephone health services in emergencies

Should I go to the emergency department ? Call first 116 117

Call the toll-free number 116 117 before you go to the emergency department. We will instruct you to the correct place of care and give advice on self-care. If you have already been referred to an emergency department, there is no need to call. You can go to the emergency department directly.

During office hours, the primary care facility with an acute illness is the local health center. When your local health center is closed, you can call Medical Helpline 116117 in sudden health issues.

Medical Helpline answers 24/7. Registered nurses and public health nurses trained for the task answer all Medical Helpline calls. If necessary, they will consult a physician. The service has a callback system. If we are unable to answer your call immediately, you can leave a callback request.

All calls to Medical Helpline are recorded for legal protection and to improve the quality of service.

Medical Helpline’s number is 116117 (the cost of the call is 0 euros).

The city of Helsinki provides Medical Helpline 116117 service to its residents. Helsinki University Hospital HUS provides this service to all other residents of Uusimaa.

In emergencies, call 112

In life-threatening situations (e.g. intensive chest pain, difficulty breathing, unconsciousness, paralysis, convulsions), call the emergency number 112.

Telephone health services of municipalities/hospital areas

The urgent telephone health service within HUS remains partly uncoordinated until Medical Helpline 116117 service goes nationwide. Find the number of your local telephone health service in the table below.

Municipality Telephone health service available Telephone number Telephone health services at other times
AskolaMon-Thu 8.00–15.30, Fri 8.00–15.00040 7109200116117
EspooMon-Fri 8.00–16.0009 81634500116117
HankoMon-Fri 8.00–16.00019 223555116117
HelsinkiMon-Fri 8.00–16.0009 31010023116117
HyvinkääMon-Fri 8.00–16.00019 45875700116117
InkooMon-Fri 8.00–16.0009 29515500116117
JärvenpääMon-Fri 8.00–16.0009 27193360116117
KarkkilaMon-Fri 8.00–16.0009 42582200116117
KauniainenMon-Fri 8.00–16.0009 87891350116117
KirkkonummiWeekdays, on weekends and public holidays 8.00–20.0009 29683400116117
LapinjärviMon-Fri 8.00–16.00019 5051300116117
Lohja, KarjalohjaMon-Fri 8.00–16.00044 3573771116117
Lohja, Town CentreMon-Fri 8.00–16.00044 3742319116117
Lohja, PusulaMon-Fri 8.00–16.00044 3742300116117
Lohja, SammattiMon-Fri 8.00–16.00044 3573771116117
LoviisaMon-Fri 8.00–16.00019 5051300116117
MäntsäläWeekdays, on weekends and public holidays 8.00–18.00040 3145500116117
NurmijärviMon–Fri 8.00–18.0009 25003295 116117
PornainenWeekdays, on weekends and public holidays 8.00–18.00 040 3145500116117
PorvooMon-Fri 8.00–16.00019 5204351116117
RaaseporiMon-Fri 8.00–16.00019 2893300116117
SipooMon-Thu 8-17, Fri 8-16 09 23536001116117
SiuntioMon-Fri 8.00–16.00044 3861026116117
TuusulaMon-Thu 8.00–16.00 Fri 8.00–15.3009 87183760116117
VantaaMon-Fri 8.00–16.0009 83910023116117
VihtiMon-Fri 8.00–16.0009 42582100116117
Vihti, VihtijärviMon-Fri 8.00–16.0009 42582100116117

Updated  1.5.2021