Töölö Hospital Emergency Department

The Töölö Hospital Emergency Department provides care 24/7 to the 1.6 million people living within the HUS district. It is a joint department comprising all of the hospital's specialist fields.

The Töölö Hospital Emergency Department covers the hospital's specialist fields: orthopaedics and traumatology, neurosurgery, oral and maxillofacial surgery, hand surgery and plastic surgery. It also operates a night-time emergency clinic for oral and dental diseases.

The department also treats neurosurgery, plastic surgery and hand surgery patients and the most demanding orthopaedic and traumatology cases from other hospital districts.

In disasters, Töölö Hospital is the organising centre of specialised medical care for the whole HUS district and, under the command of the head of the medical response team, the most important treatment unit for trauma patients.

Registration and assessing the need for care

Patients arrive at the Töölö Hospital Emergency Department on referral.

Patients are assessed on arrival by a medical professional to determine the need for care.

Patients are treated in order of urgency.

Patients are not treated in order of arrival, so waiting times for patients with minor injuries and symptoms may sometimes be long.

Visitors and patient inquiries

There are no set visiting hours at the emergency department. Families may pay a quick visit to the patient if the situation allows.

As we mainly give patient information to named contact persons, it is recommended to check on arrival that the emergency contact details are correct.

Patient inquiries telephone number 09 471 87383 (7–19), 09 471 87368 (19–7).

Patient fees

Café, snack vending machines, ATM

The café is open...

Mon-Fri 07.30 - 18.30

Sat-Sun 12 - 17

Breakfast Mon-Fri 7.30-10, Sat-Sun closed

Lunch Mon-Fri 10.30-14, Sat-Sun closed

Family members and visitors can use the coffee, drinks and snack vending machines in the main lobby, entrance from Topeliuksenkatu. The vending machines are operated with coins.

There is no ATM at the hospital.


We recommend you use public transport when arriving at Töölö Hospital.

There is limited parking at the hospital. Parking fees apply, and parking meters accept coins. The car park in the courtyard is usually full. There is no parking in front of the Emergency Clinic.

Contact details​

Töölö Hospital

Töölönkatu 40

00260 Helsinki, Finland

p. 09 4711 (switchboard)

Emergency Department tel. (09) 471 87708

Office/Department Secretaries tel. 09 471 87359

Medical Helpline tel. 116117 or 09 310 10023

Updated  1.5.2021