Meilahti Emergency Department

The Emergency Department provides 24/7 internal medicine, surgical and neurological specialised medical care for patients over 16 years who have been taken acutely and seriously ill and need immediate care.

​​Patients arrive at the Emergency Department either on referral from a doctor or by ambulance. Patients are seen in order of urgency.

In addition to ordinary patient rooms, the department has a monitoring room with 8 + 5 beds for intensive observation and immediate treatment. They include unstable patients with life-threatening conditions, such as arrhythmia, unconscious patients, convulsing patients, poisoned and heavily bleeding patients. Meilahti Emergency Department also maintains readiness for major disasters.

The most important duty of the care personnel is to treat and monitor life-threatening conditions in accordance with the principles of care. The aim is to allocate patients to different rooms according to the specialist care they require with a designated nurse for each room. Patients under monitoring have designated nurses looking after them. The care of a patient is a collaboration between a multiprofessional team, which includes doctors, nursing staff, radiologists and the laboratory.

The situation information at the moment in Emergency department.

​The situation information tells you about amount of the patients in the emergency department and helps you prepare for emergency visit duration.

Registration and assessing the need for care

To register on arrival, please, take a number from the ticket machine.

At the emergency department, the patient’s need for care and urgency is first assessed, and the patient will be seen by a nurse or a doctor or placed in a treatment area for monitoring. If necessary, the patient is admitted to the hospital.

If the patient’s condition does not require emergency care, the patient is advised to contact their own health centre.

Patients are seen in order of urgency. This is why the waiting times can vary regardless of the order of arrival.

Nurse’s consultation

There are no nurse’s consultations offered at the Meilahti Emergency Department.

Visitors and patient inquiries

The emergency department has no set visitors hours, but we hope that visits are kept short, as procedures and patient care takes place in the room.

Patient inquiries 09 47176400

Patient fees

Café, snack vending machines, ATM

The café and kiosk are located on the 3rd floor of Meilahti Hospital.

Café Mon–Fri 7.30–18.45 and Sat–Sun 12.00–18.45

Kiosk: Mon–Fri 7.30–18.45 and Sat-Sun 11.30–18.45

A refreshments trolley serves the waiting area once a day in the afternoon. At other times, the café on the 3rd floor is open.

Meilahti Hospital main lobby on the 3rd floor.


There is limited parking; the parking fee is €1/25 min.

Contact details

Meilahti Emergency Department

Haartmaninkatu 4

Meilahti Tower Hospital, 2nd floor

tel. 09 4711, 09 47176400

Updated  1.5.2021