Emergency Outpatient Department for Eye Diseases

The emergency department examines and treats patients of all ages with an eye disease or trauma that requires emergency care.  Patients usually arrive on referral.

​The doctor on duty is always available by phone. The referring doctor should consult the Department of Eye Diseases at all times of the day before referring a patient to the Emergency Outpatient Department for Eye Diseases.

Out-of-hours care after 22.00 is reserved for the most critical cases, such as penetrating eye injuries, chemical injuries involving acid or alkali, burns, acute glaucoma and sudden loss of vision (less than 6 hours).

Seeking urgent care

The primary place of care for eye symptoms and vision problems is the local health centre. As necessary, the doctor will refer the patient to the Emergency Outpatient Department for Eye Diseases as instructed by the duty physician.

All emergencies are treated regardless of the patient’s home municipality.

It is most likely that after the examination and treatment, which may involve, e.g. dilating eye drops, you will not be able to drive, so please use public transportation instead.

The emergency department does not renew prescriptions, so for repeat prescriptions the patients should contact their normal service provider during office hours.

Registration and assessing the need for care

The entrance is at Haartmaninkatu 4 E, and the registration desk is to the left of the main entrance.

You will be assessed by a medical professional, usually a nurse with specialist training, who will determine your need for care and its urgency. Patients are seen in order of urgency. This is why the waiting times can vary regardless of the order of arrival. No pre-booked appointments are available at this clinic.

Visitors and patient inquiries

There are no set visiting hours at the unit.

Patient inquiries:

Office: 09 471 73150, phone hours Mon-Fri 7.30–15.

Duty nurse: 09 471 73170, telephone hours in emergencies 24/7

Patient fees

Café, snack vending machines, ATM

The café is located in entrance E, 4th floor and it is open Mon–Fri 7.30–15 Sat–Sun closed.

A drinks and snack vending machine is located in the waiting area.

The nearest ATM is in the main lobby of Meilahti Tower Hospital.


Paid parking is available at parking facility P1 and a few above-ground parking bays are available in front of the Eye and Ear Hospital.

We recommend that you use public transport to arrive at the emergency clinic.

Contact details

Eye and Ear Hospital Emergency Outpatient Department for Eye Diseases Haartmaninkatu 4 E, Helsinki Mailing address P.O. Box 220, 00029 HUS Office hours Daily 7−22 (22−7 emergencies only based on prior consultation).

Updated  1.5.2021