Emergency department of mental health

In acute mental health problems in the HUS district, your nearest health centre will help you during office hours and the joint emergency department of your area at other times.

If you need help with mental health problems, talk to your doctor at your health centre or your occupational health physician. They will assess your situation and refer you to a psychologist or psychiatrist as necessary.

Contact details for the joint emergency clinics are listed on the menu on the left. The contact details of your health station can be found on the website of your local authority. Psychiatric care units are listed on the menu on the right.

See also Mental Health Hub in Health Village (in finnish)

The Mental Health Hub is open to all, and it provides information, self-care programmes, guidelines, symptom navigators and a search function for services. The Mental Health Hub also offers online therapies, which are available on a doctor’s referral throughout Finland.

Updated  1.5.2021