Paediatric Emergency Department at the New Children’s Hospital

The Paediatric Emergency Department at the New Children’s Hospital treats patients under the age of 16 with serious illnesses and injuries and in need of urgent care. The Paediatric Emergency Department is open 24/7.

The joint emergency department is open 24 hours a day. On weekdays between 8-16 the primary care centre for a suddenly ill child in their own health centre.

The specialised paediatric em​ergency department is open 24 hours a day. Admissions are made mainly on referral.

Emergency care is provided for patients under the age of 16 in all specialities.

Registration and assessing the need for care

Before going to the emergency department, you can ask for advises from the Medical Helpline 116117.

To register on arrival, please take a number from the ticket machine.

At the emergency department, the patient's need for care and urgency is first assessed, and the patient will be seen by a nurse or a doctor or placed in a treatment area for monitoring. If necessary, the patient is admitted to hospital. If the patient's condition does not require emergency care, the patient is advised to contact their own health centre. Patients are seen in order of urgency. This is why the waiting times can vary regardless of the order of arrival.

Nurse's consultation

Some of the emergency patients are seen by the nurse.

Visiting the emergency department and patient inquiries

Children and adolescents arrive at the Paediatric Emergency Clinic to the New Children’s Hospital with their parents, and there are no specific visiting hours.

Patient fees

Health centre visits are free for patients under the age of 16, the emergency care fee in specialised care is EUR 37.20 eur.

Café, snack vending machines, ATM

The café is located in the 2nd floor.

A drinks vending machine is located at the reception lobby, there is no snack vending machine.

There is no ATM at the New Children's Hospital.


The new children´s Hospital car park has 100 free parking spaces for patient's families. The ticket from the parking garage will be exchanged for an exit ticket at the reception, either against a receipt from the check-in machine or a certificate from the department/treatment unit.

Families of patients with long-term illness can receive a week's parking ticket. For more information, contact the operating room.

The exit ticket can only be used in the New Children's Hospital parking garage. Without a ticket, parking costs 6 eur/hour. Other parking garages or street parking in the Meilahti area are subject to a fee.

Contact details

Paediatric Emergency Clinic Visiting address:

Stenbäckinkatu 9 A , Helsinki. Entrance A, 1st floor

Mailing address: P.O. Box 347, 00029 HUS Tel. (09) 4711 (telephone exchange)Information desk (doorman): tel. (09) 4717 2783

Contact information: phonumbers for health counselling is Medical Helpline 116117.

Updated  1.5.2021