Haartman Hospital Emergency Department

The Haartman Hospital and Emergency Department serves patients over the age of 16 primarily from the Southern, Central and Western districts of Helsinki. 

​​The Haartman Hospital Emergency Department serves patients over the age of 16 primarily from the Southern, Central and Western districts of Helsinki. The Emergency Department treats patients with serious illnesses and need for urgent care when their own health stations are closed. Urgent cases are treated regardless of the patient's home municipality.

Children's emergency care takes place in the Pediatric Emergency Clinic at the New Children's Hospital (Stenbäckinkatu 9, Helsinki)

The Haartman Hospital Emergency Department is a joint emergency service with emergency psychiatric, internal medicine and minor surgical departments.

The emergency room is supported by an emergency ward, inpatient wards, a cardio logical unit, a fractures aftercare clinic and an acute geriatric department.

The Haartman Hospital also houses the Adult Emergency Dental Department, which serves residents of Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa, Kauniainen and Kirkkonummi in the evenings, on weekends and public holidays. The Haartman Hospital Emergency Dental Clinic serves 14.00–21.00, and at on weekends and public holidays 8.00–21.00. Make an appointment by phone: 09 471 71110 The night-time emergency care for oral diseases operates at Töölö Hospital 21.00–8.00. Make an appointment by phone: 040 6215699

Adult Emergency Dental Clinic on weekdays for the residents of Helsinki houses Myllypuro Health station. Make an appointment by phone: 09 310 51400 (monday-friday 7-14).

The situation information at the moment in Emergency department.

​The situation information tells you about amount of the patients in the emercency department and helps you prepare for emergency visit duration.

Registration and assessing the need for care

Take a number from the ticket machine and wait for your turn to register as a patient.

At the emergency room, the patient's need for care and urgency is first assessed, and the patient will be seen by a nurse or a doctor or placed in a treatment area for monitoring. If necessary, the patient is admitted to hospital.

If the patient's condition does not require emergency care, the patient is advised to contact their own health centre.

Patients are seen in order of urgency. This is why the waiting times can vary regardless of the order of arrival.

Nurse's consultation

Some of the emergency patients are seen by a nurse. The nurses who see emergency patients have been specially trained, and they will always consult a doctor when necessary.

Visiting the emergency department and patient inquiries

There are no specific visiting hours. Emergency patients undergo treatment and examinations, and the staff will interview them. To ensure the privacy of patients, accompanying family members are advised to wait outside the consultation room.

Haartman Hospital: 09 4711 (switchboard) or 09 47171120 (patient inquiry).

Patient fees

Café, snack vending machines, ATM

There is no café at Haartman Hospital. The nearest café is in Meilahti Tower Hospital, 3rd floor.

Haartman Hospital has a drink and snack vending machine in the entrance lobby.

The nearest ATM is in Meilahti Tower Hospital, 3rd floor, next to the Information Desk.


There is very limited parking on the Meilahti hospital campus, and parking fees apply. We recommend that patients and visitors arriving at the hospital on their own use public transport.

Contact details

Haartman Hospital Emergency Room

Street address: Haartmaninkatu 4, building 12 Map of the Meilahti Hospital Area

Mailing address: Po Box 370, 00029 HUS

Telephone exchange: 09 4711

Patient inquiries: 09 471 71120


Updated  1.5.2021