Emergency medical service in the HUS district

Prehospital  care is emergency care given immediately to save the life or to ensure the wellbeing of a patient. The aim of the emergency medical service  system is to reach patients with conditions that require prehospital  care.

Emergency medical service usually takes place outside the hospital, and it is provided by means of ambulances and first response units that are staffed with paramedics and rescue personnel. The system is led by prehospital care physicians and field commanders. The responsibility for organising emergency medical service lies with the hospital district and contractual service providers.

Prehospital care is coordinated by the Emergency Response Centre (112).

Emergency medical service in the HUS district

Helsinki, the Jorvi area (Espoo, Kauniainen and Kirkkonummi) and the Peijas area (Vantaa and Kerava) form the HUH hospital area. The rescue services in the HUH hospital area cover urgent prehospital care and field coordination based on an agreement. Private ambulance companies cover non-urgent calls based on collaboration agreements.

In the Lohja, Western Uusimaa and Porvoo regions, rescue services manage both urgent and non-urgent calls with the hospital district in charge of field coordination.

In Hyvinkää and South Karelia, which are part of the HUH catchment area for highly specialised healthcare, the hospital districts run the emergency medical services themselves. As provided in the collaboration agreement, the Rescue Department is responsible for the first response services.

HUS Area is served by two physician-led prehospital emergency care units: A physician-led ground unit and the FinnHEMS10 ambulance helicopter stations at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport. Both units are on duty 24/7 staffed by a physician and a paramedics team.


Updated  1.5.2021