Turning a person onto a recovery position

An open airway for an unconscious person can be ensured by placing them onto their side.

As an unconscious person lies on their back, hook their back leg, and place the arm on that side onto their chest. Place their other arm pointing obliquely upwards.

Before turning the unconscious person over, they are lying horizontally, with their back leg hooked and their arm on their chest.

After positioning the limbs, grab the unconscious person by the shoulder and the hooked knee and turn them carefully to face you. Place the arm that was on their chest under their cheek and leave the leg hooked to support them in the new position.

Finally, make sure the airway remains open by lifting the unconscious person’s chin.

After the turn, the hooked leg and the arm under the cheek support the new position.

In a correctly executed side position, the unconscious person will be lying on their right side, stable, and safe from their tongue blocking their airway. If the unconscious person vomits, the side position prevents the vomit from entering their airway.

unconscious; recovery position


Updated  8.11.2022