Which emergency department should I go to?

Emergency department services vary substantially between regions.

When you need help with a sudden medical problem, it is important to make sure you turn to the right care provider in your region. If you are not sure where you should go, call your local Medical Helpline.

Health centres and walk-in clinics treat sudden illnesses and minor injuries. Health centres and walk-in clinics are usually open between 8.00–16.00.

Emergency departments treat illnesses and injuries that require urgent care that cannot wait for the next day. Emergency departments are open 24/7.

If you are travelling outside your home municipality, you can receive first aid and initial urgent care from the local emergency care provider.

In case of emergency, always call 112!

You can search for the contact details of the health centres and emergency departments in your area from these links

National service referral

New digital tools are being developed to build a national service referral system.​

Updated  1.5.2021