Arriving at the emergency department

Patients arrive at the emergency department either on their own or with assistance, depending on their health.

Patients requiring emergency care often arrive by ambulance assisted by paramedics.

However, it is not unknown that an ill patient requiring urgent care for the first time, arrives on their own or with an accompanying person.

The aim is to make entrances as accessible, and signage as clear as possible, so that anyone arriving can easily understand where they should go and what they should do first.

Follow Mikko at the emergency department

Mikko has been feeling unwell with abdominal pain that has slowly become worse. Mikko called the Medical Helpline for advice. After explaining that he also felt weak and had a temperature, the nurse instructed him to go to the emergency department for an examination.

Mikko got into his car and drove to the emergency department as instructed. He had visited the emergency department before and knew where he could park near the entrance. There were surprisingly many​ free places at the car park for a late afternoon.

Updated  1.5.2021