Follow-up treatment

If the prehospital care team decide, based on their assessment, that the patient needs to be taken to a hospital or emergency department for further care or monitoring, the place of care is chosen on medical grounds.

Emergency medical service providers have access to electronic medical records so that the information entered in the prehospital care report is electronically transmitted in real time to the medical unit receiving the patient. However, the electronic medical records are not yet in use in all parts of the country, therefore, manually filled reports are still in use.

The goal is that the electronic medical records will be in use throughout Finland within the next couple of years. If the condition of the patient is critical and requires urgent/immediate treatment, the paramedics notify the receiving emergency department of their arrival in advance while on their way.

The emergency department is given the patient’s personal details, what has happened and what measures have already been taken, what the patient’s current condition is and when the ambulance is estimated to arrive at the hospital. Based on this information, the emergency department prepares for the arrival of the patient so that all instruments, rooms and staff are ready for the patient as soon as they arrive.

In the section Information about emergency departments of this website, you can read more about what happens at the emergency department after a patient arrives. When the paramedics have handed over the patient, they clean and restock the ambulance and instruments and get refreshed as necessary. After this, they report to the Emergency Response Centre that they are ready to accept a new assignment.

Follow Mary through emergency medical service

Mary remains stable during the transportation. From the ambulance, Mary is taken to the entrance lobby of the emergency department on a stretcher. Almost immediately she and the paramedics are met by a nurse, who asks questions. Mary’s need for care and its urgency is assessed.

Mary’s arrival is registered in the patient files, and the paramedics take Mary to the treatment and monitoring room. The paramedics help Mary onto the hospital bed and give the nurse at the treatment and monitoring room the details of Mary’s seizure. The paramedics wish Mary a speedy recovery and she thanks them for their excellent care. The paramedics leave with the stretcher and the nurse joins Mary to interview her and carry out initial examinations. Mary’s care at the emergency department begins…

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Updated  1.5.2021