Calling emergency medical services

The Emergency Response Centre is the first point of contact with the authorities in case of emergency. The Emergency Response Centre takes emergency calls, gives advice and assistance on the phone and sends assistance to the scene when necessary.

Call 112 in case of genuine emergencies: when someone’s life, health, property or the environment is at risk, or you have reason to believe so.

The only emergency number in Finland is 112. The same number 112 operates in all EU countries, and you can call 112 free of charge from any phone without the area code.

You can also call 112 from all foreign mobile phones. No area code is needed, just dial 112.

When abroad, the call will be connected to the local emergency response services. If you are travelling outside the EU, make sure you know the local emergency numbers at your destination.

If the emergency response services are busy, this is only temporary. Do not hang up the phone! You will hear a recorded message asking you to wait. The emergency response services will answer your call as soon as they can, in the order the calls have been made.

When you call 112:

  • Answer the questions the operator asks
  • Follow the instructions given
  • Do not finish the call until you are given permission to do so

Follow Mary through emergency medical service

Mary’s convulsions have lasted three minutes, and Sally is still protecting Mary’s head with her hands to prevent Mary from hurting herself. Sally decides to call the emergency number because this is Mary’s second seizure in one day.

There is staff and a security guard at the shop, but Sally decides it is best that she makes the call, because she can give further information to the operator about Mary’s condition if they ask for it.

She calls 112 through the phone app 112 Suomi she has downloaded onto her smartphone, and the Emergency Response Centre answers the call almost immediately. Sally switches her phone onto speaker mode, so she can carry on holding her hands around Mary’s head while speaking with the operator.

Sally briefly explains what has happened and gives the exact address of the location, although having used the phone app 112 Suomi, the emergency response services see her precise location through GPS…

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Updated  1.5.2021