How much does it cost to visit the emergency department?

The government implements policy on social and health client fees in line with legislation. The purpose of this policy is to ensure that fees are kept at a reasonable level and are not an obstacle for clients to obtain services.

The maximum fees charged for municipal social and health services are stipulated in the Act and Decree on social and health care client fees. Municipalities may opt to use lower rates or to provide the relevant service free of charge. Municipalities are not permitted to collect fees for services above the amount that the production costs for the services.

The fees for public services have an upper limit per calendar year, beyond which clients don’t have to continue paying fees.

In 2020 the annual cap is 683 euros. The payment cap is index-adjusted every two years.

Fees charged from patients under the age of 18 are added to the fees of their parents. Once the annual cap has been reached, further services are free for all those you have accrued the payment cap.

Patient fees in university hospital districts

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Northern Ostrobothnia Hospital District Patient fees

Pirkanmaa Hospital District Patient fees (in finnish)

Northern Savo Hospital District Patient fees

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More details on the patient fees in your area, visit the website of your home municipality.

Updated  1.5.2021