When leaving the emergency department

Answers to frequently asked questions about discharge.

Will I receive a certificate for travel costs regardless of the time of day?

You should discuss your means of transport with the staff. If your illness or injury or the time of day requires you to travel by means other than public transport, you are given a certificate against which you can claim for costs. Known as the SV67 form, the certificate is given only if less expensive means of transport are not a reasonable option.

A family member who leaves the emergency department is not entitled to the certificate.

Follow this link to read the contact details and instructions to book a taxi paid for by Kela.

Will I be given instructions when I leave the emergency department?

The staff will talk you through the discharge process, home care instructions and further treatment and possible follow-up appointments before you go home. You are also given details where to contact if you need to. Tell the staff well in advance of any certificates or documents that you know you will need so that they can be prepared in time for your discharge.

Will I be given medicines to take home if the pharmacies are not open?

If your nearest pharmacy is not open at the time of your discharge (such as in the middle of the night) or if you are not well enough to go to the pharmacy, the emergency department staff can supply you with a starter pack of the medication you need. This way you can start your course of medication immediately and go to the pharmacy the next day.

Find your nearest pharmacy.

Can I see my own medical records?

Under the Personal Data Act, you have the right to review your personal records. Visit your local authority’s website for further instructions on how to request your medical records. Adults over the age of 18 can also view their records via the My Kanta portal. You can access the portal with your personal online banking codes, mobile authentication or electronic ID KanTa – website.

How can I give feedback about my emergency department experience?

The channels through which you can give feedback on your emergency department experience are explained on your local authority’s website.

Giving feedback through social media can be problematic because due to patient confidentiality we are unable to respond to or discuss your feedback in public.

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Updated  1.5.2021