As a family member of a patient in the emergency department

Answers to frequently asked questions by family members of patients in the emergency department.

Are there visiting hours in the emergency department?

There are no set visiting hours in the emergency department. When you arrive in the emergency department to ask about the health of your family member, speak to the staff at the reception. The staff will take you to see your family member.

Can the accompanying person stay with the patient under monitoring?

Accompanying persons can stay with the patient in the monitoring area with certain restrictions, respecting the privacy of other patients and lack of space. It is recommended that a patient has not more than one or two visitors with them at one time.

Ask the staff to make sure visitors are allowed. Visitors are not always allowed because of the patient’s condition, the condition of other patients in the ward and the procedures undertaken and the overall situation at the emergency department.

Will I be given food at the emergency department?

Typically, emergency departments do not offer food, or very limited food is available. The patient fee does not include a meal. Depending on the emergency department, some snacks may be available. Some emergency departments have snack and drinks vending machines. If bed-bound patients need to stay in the emergency department for a long period of times, the staff will take care of their meals.

Before you eat or drink anything, always ask the nurses if this is allowed in your condition!

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Updated  1.5.2021