Prolyl oligopeptidase (PREP) – a novel early biomarker for Tau related neurodegeneration

Timo Myöhänen (University of Helsinki)

The aim of the study is to detect if changes in propyl oligopeptidase (PREP) activity could be used as an early biomarker for Alzheimer's disease and other neurogenerative diseases.


Somatic mutations in multiple sclerosis

Pentti Tienari (HUS)

The aim of the study is to investigate the role of somatic mutations discovered in MS patients' blood CD8+ lymphocytes. The somatic mutations in blood CD8+ cells in MS patients, and age and sex matched controls, will be analysed using next generation sequencing of immune-related genes. The mutations are called using whole blood DNA from the Biobank as a reference.


Meningeal Lymphatic Vessels in Neurological Diseases

Kari Alitalo (University of Helsinki)

The aim of the study is to delineate the anatomy of meningeal lymphatic vasculature and to investigate their involvement in neurological diseases by using histological material collected to the biobank.

Päivitetty  26.11.2018