Quality Registry and Biobank for Thoracic Malignancies

Marjukka Myllärniemi, Ilkka Ilonen and Jari Räsänen (University of Helsinki, HUS)

The aim of the study is identify biomarkers for thoracic malignancies in order to help with baseline diagnosis and treatment responses and therefore identify patients who would benefit from different treatments.


Molecular profiling of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis

Marjukka Myllärniemi (University of Helsinki)

The aim of the study is to elucidate novel molecular mechanisms behind Idiopathis pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) in a well-characterized Finnish patient cohort. Blood samples from 23 patients with IPF will be compared to age- and gender matched blood samples from non-IPF patients in order to identify the IPF specific protein changes in the blood.


Lasten diffuusien keuhkosairauksien HRTT-löydökset -hanke

Laura Martelius (HUS)

The aim of the study is to survey the amount of diffuse lung diseases diagnosed by lung biopsy in children to whom a HRCT (High-resolution computed tomography) examination have been conducted in the HUS Children's hospital, and to document disease specifically the findings from the HRCT-examinations.


Biomarkkerit keuhkon karsinoidituumoreissa

Johanna Arola and Tiina Vesterinen (University of Helsinki)

By analysing tissue samples and related clinical data collected from Finnish pulmonary carcinoid patients the aim is to find new, or validate already found, diagnostic, predictive and/or prognostic markers for pulmonary carcinoids. The long-term objective is to improve diagnostics, prediction and prognostic evaluation of pulmonary carcinoid patients.


Comprehensive Primary Lung Tumour Analysis to Evaluate Precision Medicine Opportunities

Emmy Verschuren (Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland FIMM)

The aim of the project is to investigate lung cancer histotype-specific immune markers. Immunostaining results will be correlated with clinical features of the patients such as co-existence of inflammatory diseases, clinical treatments, and tumor stage results.

Päivitetty  26.11.2018