Sample donor´s rights

You can ask Helsinki Biobank about the following

• are we storing your samples and data,
• on what grounds are these samples and data being stored (consent or notification procedure in the case of old samples),
• where did we get your data,
• for what biobank research have we handed over your samples and data,
• information on your health generated during biobank research. In many cases biobank research results need to be verified before they can be given to you. You can ask for an explanation of what the results mean, but we may then have to charge you for the verification and analysis of your data.

Exercising the rights guaranteed by the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is generally free of charge. The Data controller (Helsinki Biobank) is however allowed to charge a reasonable fee based on the administrative cost if multiple copies of the information are requested. Helsinki Biobank can also charge a fee if the request can be considered unfounded or excessive. Helsinki Biobank can also decline the request, however, in these cases the repeated nature or the excessiveness of the request has to be demonstrated by Helsinki Biobank. If a fee is charged, it must be based on the administrative costs of supplying the information.



Päivitetty  31.1.2019