Step 2: Submit a request

If Helsinki Biobank has the required samples and data, or is able to help with your prospective project plan, your request will be evaluated by Helsinki Biobank's Scientific and Ethical Review Committee.  The evaluation will be based on the following documents:

  • Sample and Data Request Form
  • Helsinki Biobank Ethical Evaluation Form and possible favourable opinion by an ethics committee
  • Research Plan
  • Your CV

Meetings of the Scientific and Ethical Review Committee:

28 August 2017 (deadline for applications 7 August)
25 September 2017 (deadline for applications 4 September)
23 October 2017 (deadline for applications 2 October)
20 November 2017 (deadline for applications 30 October)
18 December 2017 (deadline for applications 27 November)

Please send the completed and signed forms to biopankki(at)


Please notice that there is a fee for accessing Helsinki Biobank Materials. You can inquire a preliminary estimate of cost for accessing Helsinki Biobank’s samples and associated data.

 Forms and templates

HB Sample and Data Request Form
Appendix 1 Research Plan Template
Appendix 2 Ethical Evaluation Form
General terms of access