Preliminary inquiry and Sample request

Step 1 Preliminary inquiry of samples and data

Helsinki Biobank uses the ProMa Extranet system for an electronic submission of sample requests. Internet Explorer browser is not supported with the ProMa Extranet system. Please, select Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browser to use ProMa.

You may inquire if Helsinki Biobank can provide you the samples and/or associated data needed by registering to ProMa and submitting a preliminary inquiry.

Please, reserve 1-3 weeks for the preliminary inquiry to be completed. Note that Helsinki Biobank’s formal statement on the availability of samples (ie the response to the preliminary inquiry) is needed in step 2, if you wish to continue the process.

Go to register the ProMa here.

Step 2 Ethical review

All studies requiring materials from Helsinki Biobank must undergo an ethical review before the submission of a sample request.

Please use the HUS' “Tutkijan Työpöytä" platform for submitting an electronic application to the HUS Ethics Committees. If your research has received a favorable opinion from another Ethics or Scientific ethics Committee, a second opinion is not necessary. Helsinki Biobank's statement on the availability of samples (see step 1) is a mandatory annex to the application for an ethical review. You can find more instructions and a list of required documents here.

The “Tutkijan Työpöytä"-platform requires a Finnish ID number for the user to be able to log in. If your research group has no Finnish collaborators, Helsinki Biobank's personnel will fill in the form for you.

The ethical review takes approximately one month to be completed. You can send your application concerning biobank research to anyone of the Ethics Committees. Depending on the funding sources and the nature of the study, there may be a fee for the ethical review (STM lausuntomaksuasetus 840/2010).



Step 3 Sample request  


Helsinki Biobank uses the ProMa Extranet system for an electronic submission of sample requests.


Once you have completed the preliminary inquiry using ProMa and received a favorable opinion from the Ethics Committee to conduct your research, you can submit a request for samples and data to Helsinki Biobank.    




Step 4: Final decision, MTA and the delivery of samples and data 


The final decision of approval is made by the Medical Director of HUS based on the recommendation of Helsinki Biobank. Upon the final approval of your sample request, the Materials Transfer Agreement (MTA) will be provided to you. This agreement includes also a description of costs. The principal investigator and a representative of his/her back organization shall sign the MTA before the delivery of samples and/or data. The back organization can be a Finnish or an international research institute or company.

The time for completion of the process and material dispatch depends on the type and quantity of the samples requested, and on the capabilities of the research team, if necessary, to assist with clinical expertise.

Please note that although the study has a valid decision and an MTA, Helsinki Biobank cannot guarantee the delivery of samples. The final selection of samples will always be done in collaboration with clinicians, taking into account the primary need for clinical use of the samples, the quality, size or staining of the samples, and the patient's medical history and other possible exclusion criteria.

Step 5: Return of Data


Helsinki Biobank requires that the raw data /results obtained from the analyses shall be returned to the biobank, to be later available to other projects. The format and timetable for data return will be specified in the MTA. Depending on the nature of the study, we may agree on forwarding the raw data only after you have published the results.