How to Acquire Samples and Data for Research?


Helsinki Biobank collects and preserves high quality human samples. On the basis of applications we provide samples and related clinical data for high quality medical research and development. In addition, we serve research projects in the preparation of histological samples (clips, stains, TMA), digital pathology, and data analysis.

We are Finland's largest hospital biobank and part of Helsinki University Hospital (HUS). Blood samples have already been collected to researchers from more than 65,000 patients who have given their biobank consent. Approximately one million patient diagnostic formalin fixed paraffin embedded tissue samples (FFPE) have been transferred to the biobank sample collection.

Freshly frozen tissue samples (FF) have been collected from over 1,500 patients, from breast cancer, lung cancer, prostate cancer and ovarian cancer patients among others. The most recent sample type is the liquid biopsy from cancer patients, i.e. plasma containing free cellular DNA (cfDNA).

Our goal is to enable and support medical research with comprehensive, high-quality materials.


Päivitetty  29.4.2019