Why and who are e-health services made for?

E-health services are made for all citizens and patients to be as easy to use and understand as possible.


E-health services are designed to support health care alongside traditional health care and even instead of it.

Many matters can be handled conveniently and safely online, which is why using e-health services is useful. In addition, the services can be accessed anywhere and anytime using a mobile device and an Internet connection.

E-health services help save both the patient's and the healthcare personnel's time and, in the best case scenario, enable the patient to receive the most appropriate treatment. E-health services are important, because the healthcare system must be able to guarantee high-quality and safe services for all.

Health care must also respond to the challenges that come from an ageing population over the next decades. At best, e-health services leave more time for situations where face-to-face encounters are useful.

E-health services are, therefore, made for all of us for different situations in life. You can use online social welfare and healthcare services to do things like:

  • promote your health and well-being
  • be better able to participate in handing your own matters and care
  • stay in touch with your healthcare professionals
  • be able to access treatment easily and quickly
  • get service whenever necessary.

New services are constantly being developed for the needs of citizens in both Health Village and elsewhere. Health Village was part of the Ministry of Finance’s digitalization of public services government program in 2015–2019. This was a way of focusing on developing public services in a user-oriented manner and renewing digital operating methods. Digitalization has been highlighted as an important theme in public services, and its potential should therefore also be utilized in e-health services.

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Updated  4.3.2022