Welcome to using e-health services!

In recent years, digital e-services have become increasingly available also in health care. Patients and customers can handle their matters without needing to stand in line or travel to a place of care.


Finland offers diverse digital healthcare services, i.e. e-health services. However, few Finns have, for one reason or another, familiarized themselves with these services, even though they make everyday life and handling your matters easier.

This guide is intended for anyone who is interested in Health Village, e-health services and their use, regardless of whether you are a healthcare client, a patient's relative or even a user interested in development.

The guide contains information on, for example, what digital health services are, what you need in order to be able to use them and who they are for.

You will receive information about the Health Village, the accessibility of healthcare services and acting on behalf of another person. You can also use the healthcare glossary search and find answers in the FAQ list.

The guide also explains why social welfare and healthcare provides offer these services and how you can participate in the development of Health Village services. You can read user experiences on using e-health services and test your skills by taking quizzes.

With an easy-to-understand guide that is suitable for everyone, we also want to improve the equality of Finnish people in the digital society. If you are not familiar with e-health services, we hope this guide will encourage you to try them out.

Welcome to learning digital skills that are useful when using e-health services!



Updated  4.3.2022