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Join us in developing Health Village!

Like other e-health services, Health Village is constantly being developed together with professionals and customers. You are welcome to join us in developing Health Village!

Development of Health Village is cooperation

The Health Village services will be developed in cooperation with social and healthcare professionals, partners and customers. A diverse group of developers is useful, as it enables the information and services provided by Health Village to be as high-quality as possible and written from the right perspective.

The customer perspective, i.e. user observations and comments, is very important in order to ensure that services are genuinely serving their users and the content is easy to understand. By listening to our customers' requests, we can produce services that the user really needs. Patient organizations are also involved in the development. Health Village is developed on the basis of feedback and suggestions received from all users.

How can I help develop Health Village?

There are many ways to participate in the development of Health Village. You can participate once or during a longer period of time, depending on what best suits you.

When you join the working party, you can, for example, come up with ideas and give comments on the services. You can also participate only in individual customer meetings. If you want to join us, please contact healthcare professionals in your region.

For example, reading and commenting on guides containing information is important to ensure that the content is reader-friendly and not sounding too much like the professional language of physicians.

Sometimes Health Village also needs volunteers for things like testing rounds to try out the usability and comprehensibility of a new service.

Updated 18.3.2022