How can I benefit from using e-health services?

What is particularly nice about healthcare online services is that you can take care of your health when it best suits you.

​​E-health services have been received in a positive way by citizens and patients, because people feel the services make planning your daily schedule easier. You can take care of your health matters at home, at the cottage or even while travelling. You save time and money when you do not need to physically travel to your healthcare provider.

Perhaps you have already noticed that more and more often, the first contact with healthcare services, such as booking an appointment, is done via a digital channel. When you are able to prepare for future treatments at your own pace using the e-health service, hospital visits go more smoothly. On the other hand, the information you provide in advance in the e-health service can be utilized in the planning of the treatment. 

We are working to ensure that the information you fill in the e-health service is accessible to all professionals who need it. This way, you would not have to tell multiple different professionals about the same issues again during treatment. 

You can always return to the e-health service contents again. This means you no longer have to remember everything the professional says during your appointment. Using e-health services can also reduce the uncertainty and potential fears you might have about your state of health, as the information you receive is produced by professionals and therefore reliable.

E-health services benefit also the society and the environment in many ways.  Public health is promoted by everyone's access to reliable research data.  The environment, on the other hand, is grateful when people need to travel less and there is a decrease in emissions: you can meet a professional remotely, and your health self-monitoring data can be sent directly to the care team.  There is also less need for printing things on paper.

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Updated  4.3.2022