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Health village user experiences

The use of e-health services can be surprisingly easy, even though not everyone has had the courage to try them at first. Read about the positive experiences other users have had using the services!

Thank you for compiling easy-to-understand packages for patients to get further information on their illness. This is good, because you don't always remember or even know how to ask your doctor about things that are bothering you.

I am a healthcare student, and Health Village offers a lot of useful information in a way that is easy to find.

Health Village is a very useful website and easy to use, and I have found support and information both in terms of mental health and weight management. The information and instructions have been excellent and easy to understand.

The videos are good and easy to understand, and it is nice that Health Village also has stories from actual patients.

The tasks given in the self-care programs and digital care pathways are interesting, and they make you really reflect on things, which helps make changes stick. That is why I recommend Health Village to my loved ones who I feel would benefit from such a service.

Works well with a computer and mobile phone. This is a good thing when travelling!

I have gotten so much good answers from Health Village to all my questions, both in text and video!

Updated 18.3.2022