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My Path mobile app

The app reinvents the digital care pathway experience, giving you a more convenient way to access your digital care pathway. The My Path mobile app is currently available for some of HUS’ digital care pathways.

A simple way to manage your health

The digital care pathway provides information about your treatment in text, images and videos, as well as surveys, exercises and instructions. Your information will only be visible to the health care professionals treating you.

Electronic communication for non-urgent issues

You can send a message on My Path to ask questions about your treatment or relay information about your treatment to the professionals who are treating you. You will receive a reply within three working days.

Secure service

You can access the app through strong authentication by using your online banking codes or mobile certificate. After the first authentication, you can access the app by using a PIN code, facial recognition or fingerprint recognition.

Contribute to development

We are constantly improving and developing the app. Give us feedback on your user experience and how we can improve it.

NB: The app is only available in Finnish.

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Updated 18.8.2021