Registration and login instructions

On this page, you will find instructions on how to register an account and log in as a customer to Health Village's My Path.

​​​STEP 1: Registration for Health Village’s My Path

  1. Go to Health Village's My Path page.
  2. Select New user? Register in the service.
  3. Select log in as a private customer or a health care professional
  4. ​Read and accept the terms of use and the privacy statement. To continue, select I accept the terms of use and privacy statement.


  5. Select Register account, customer or professional.


  6. Enter your email address and phone number. The data stored in advanced comes from the Digital and Population Data Services Agency. Finally, select Register customer account.


  7. You will receive a notification about successful registration. Select Go to the service menu by logging in again.
  8. After identification, select My Path from the transaction services, after which you can continue to My Path in Health Village.


After completing the registration, you can log in to My Path with your bank credentials or mobile ID.

  1. Go to Health Village's My Path page.
  2. Select Log in to My Path.


  3. Select the transaction role.


  4. You will be guided to choose an authentication method. Choose your own bank, mobile certificate or certificate card and log in with your own credentials.


  5. Read how Health Village's My Path handles your personal data. Give your consent to the processing of personal data and accept the terms.
  6. After logging in and accepting the terms and the conditions, you will be able to use Health Village My Path and your digital treatment paths as well as self-care programs.


You can find a PDF version of this guide here:



Updated  15.8.2022