Digital care pathways

Digital care pathways complement traditional health care and appointments.

If you are being treated in a healthcare unit that uses digital care pathways, on the digital care pathway you can:

  • fill in surveys related to treatment and receive feedback on them
  • read patient instructions
  • send follow-up information on symptoms and health check-ups to professionals treating you
  • communicate with professionals responsible for your care via messages or remote appointments.

The invoicing practices for digital care pathways are specific to each hospital district.

The information you share on the digital care pathway is never visible to anyone other than the healthcare professionals responsible for your care.

On the digital care pathway, a social and healthcare professional in specialized health care can get to know your situation even before you meet them in person, which means they can provide support in the specific matters for which you need support during the appointment.

How do I get access to the digital care pathway?

In order to access the digital care pathway, you must have a referral or a patient care relationship with a healthcare unit where the digital care pathway is in use.

Ask your own healthcare unit if you can use the digital care pathway in connection with treatment, therapy or procedure.

Once a digital care pathway has been opened for you at your healthcare unit, you can start using the service by logging in to My Path.

Using the service on behalf of a child aged 0–18

A guardian can use digital care pathways on behalf of their child aged 0–18. The guardian's right to act on behalf of the child is checked every time you log from the e-Authorizations service.

To use digital care pathways on behalf of your child, first log in to My Path as yourself. After logging in, click ‘Acting on behalf of another person’ at the top of the page. Click this button to select whom you want to act on behalf of and to go to the child's My Path. Children and adolescents can also use their personal identity codes on My Path.



Updated  27.7.2022