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About the Health Village services

HealthVillage.fi is a public online service. Its contents are produced by social welfare and health care professionals in cooperation with service users.

Health Village services

  • are particularly suitable for monitoring one’s quality of life, symptoms and lifestyles as well as supporting living with a long-term illness and life management

  • complement traditional health care and social services

  • support people’s ability to maintain their personal well-being

  • bring the patient, resident and professional together for joint information and guidance

  • are always open

  • are available anywhere, as long as the user has a network connection and a computer, tablet or smartphone.

The Health Village consists of three services:

  1. Health Village website open to all, i.e. the Health Village hubs

  2. Digital service channel My Path

  3. Professionals’ service portal HealthVillagePRO

The Health Village hubs are accessible to all without registration. To use My Path and HealthVillagePRO, you need to be logged in.

Who is developing the Health Village?

The Health Village contents are produced by social welfare and health care professionals in cooperation with service users. The Health Village is closely linked to academic research, which guarantees the reliability of care and information.

The development of the Health Village services is carried out in cooperation with different wellbeing services counties, national e-health projects, patients and patient organisations as well as higher education institutions.

Health Village and wellbeing services counties

The service needs of the residents and professionals in wellbeing services counties are at the core of the Health Village services.

Wellbeing services counties can use the services of the Health Village as part of the social welfare and health care services in their area. The Health Village services can be designed to suit the needs of a specific wellbeing services county.

The Health Village offers wellbeing services counties

  • a personalised and holistic user experience for both professionals and residents

  • smooth deployment and the possibility of co-development

  • support for digital skills and the use of digital service channels.

Find out more about the Health Village and the wellbeing services counties: