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About the Health Village hubs

The Health Village hubs provide information and support for people concerned about their own or a loved one’s well-being. The hubs have been developed in collaboration with Finnish university hospitals. The hub content is produced by social welfare and health care professionals in cooperation with Health Village users.

The Health Village hubs form a virtual village that provides information and support for those concerned about their own or a loved one’s well-being. Each hub contains information related to the theme of the hub and content to support self-care. The hubs also offer a range of symptom questionnaires, chat and chatbot services and symptom navigators. The Health Village hubs also provide information and tools for discussion, guidance and information between professionals and their clients or patients.

For an up-to-date list of the Health Village hubs, visit the ‘Health Village hubs’ page or the ‘Hubs’ menu.

NB: The Health Village hubs are one of the three main products of the HealthVillage.fi service package. The other products are the My Path and HealthVillagePRO services. See the descriptions of the My Path service and the HealthVillagePRO service in the services’ own information pages.

The Health Village hubs provide reliable, safe and evidence-based health and well-being information for all. The content of the service has been produced and/or reviewed by health care professionals working in Finnish university hospitals.

The Health Village hubs do not provide examinations, treatment or other forms of personal assessment or service counselling. It is an information service that can be used as a source of reliable health information, either independently or together with a health professional.

The purpose of the service is to

  • help with monitoring one’s quality of life, symptoms and lifestyle, living with long-term illness and supporting life management

  • support people’s ability to maintain their own well-being

  • bring the patient, resident and professional together for joint information and guidance

  • complement traditional health care and social work.

When using the service, it is important to note that

  • the electronic information published on the Health Village website is designed solely for informative purposes, unless clearly stated otherwise.

  • The information provided by the Health Village is only indicative for the individual user.

  • The content of the Health Village hubs is not a substitute for a clinical evaluation made by a qualified health care professional or a diagnosis made by a doctor.

  • The instructions and recommendations published in the Health Village hubs are general guidelines written by experts and are not a substitute for a personal assessment by a doctor or other health care professional of the best possible treatment for an individual patient.

  • The service providers, i.e. Finnish university hospitals and other partners, are not obliged to act in accordance with the content and the principles mentioned in the content of the website. Additionally, the service providers assume no responsibility for any subjective interpretations or applications of the service’s contents or instructions.

  • The service providers assume no duty of care for the users of the Health Village hubs, and the duty of care remains with the treating health care provider.

  • The Health Village or its hubs are not liable for any direct or indirect damages caused by using or being denied use of this website or its electronic services.

  • The providers of Health Village cannot guarantee that the service works always without interruption or error. The service is subject to periodic maintenance and updates, during which the service may be temporarily unavailable.

The content of the Health Village hubs have been created based on safe, reliable and evidence-based information. The content, produced by social welfare and health care professionals and reviewed by the respective specialists and clinics of Finnish university hospitals, is high-quality and safe health information.

The copyright and other intellectual property rights of the Health Village hubs are the property of the HUS Group, Finnish university hospitals, or third parties. All rights to the website and its content are reserved. Publishing, copying, transferring or altering the content or visual design of the website without permission from the rights holder is prohibited. This does not apply to saving the content on a computer or printing it for personal use or patient advice. If you print out content for patient education, the content should be kept as it is without editing. The source must be mentioned in the printout.

The content of the Health Village hubs may be used for learning and teaching purposes with acknowledgement of the source (see the section on referencing). We hope that you will inform us of your educational use of the content at info@terveyskyla.fi.

Borrowing the material according to the terms of the Finnish Copyright Act (404/1961) is permissible. The source must always be credited when the material is borrowed. Copying, publishing or circulating any trademarks or logos from the website without written permission from the Health Village is prohibited.

Any content available on the Health Village platform may be quoted in accordance with best practices as long as the source is credited. The internet address of the quoted website must always be in the following format: www.terveyskyla.fi/hubname


  • Text reference: (Kidney diseases in diabetes, Health Village, Diabeteshub)

  • Bibliography: Kidney diseases in diabetes, Health Village, Diabeteshub. Web address: https://www.terveyskyla.fi/en/diabeteshub/diabetes-complications/diabetes-and-kidneys/kidney-diseases-in-diabetes read: Read: 8 May 2023

The service provider endeavours to keep the Health Village hub information accurate and up-to-date and to ensure the technical functionality of the website. However, the accuracy, integrity and timeliness of the information contained in the service cannot be guaranteed in all situations. Updates and maintenance performed by the service provider on the site may temporarily affect the availability of the site. The service provider may change or update the descriptions, content or layout of the website without prior notice or without specific reason.

The service provider informs users of any disruptions to the service by means of an information banner at the top of the page or a separate downtime page.

The service provider may make changes to the website if necessary or restrict access to the website for compelling reasons. The service provider does not guarantee that the services can be used without interruption and is not liable for any damage caused by the use of the service.

There are links from the Health Village hubs to websites operated by third parties. The service provider is not responsible for the content and accessibility of third-party sites.

Any errors or shortcomings in the service are to be reported using the Health Village feedback forms.

Using the website

The Health Village hubs operate on the most commonly used terminals and internet browsers. The hubs are freely accessible without registration or authentication. Some hubs offer chat services that may require authentication, for example with your banking codes. The service may contain links to services on different platforms that require you to log in to use the service.


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What cookies does the service use?

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For more information about cookies in the Health Village hubs, click on the Cookie Settings option in the cookie notification message.

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