Responsibilities of the parties in Health Village

Service provider's responsibility

The services and contents of Health Village have been prepared on the basis of reliable, safe and evidence-based information. The contents reviewed by actors responsible in the specialities and clinics of Finnish university hospital districts and produced by health care professionals are high-quality and safe health information.

The information provided by Health Village is revised and appropriate, but it is only approximate for an individual site user. Therefore, the contents or instructions of the open-to-all part of Health Village are not a substitute for the assessment of a health care professional or the diagnosis of a physician based on a clinical assessment of the situation.

Finnish university hospital districts or other health care service providers are not obligated to act in accordance with the content or principles mentioned on the site when it comes to individual patients. Instead, care responsibility remains with the party responsible for the patient's care at all times. In addition, hospital districts do not assume responsibility for how any individual reader may understand, apply or comply with instructions or interpret the service contents.

Health Village is not responsible for direct or indirect damages caused by the use of this website or electronic services or the inhibition of use or related damage. Health Village does not guarantee that the website will operate without interruption or errors. Electronic information published on the Health Village website has only been produced for information purposes, unless specifically and expressly agreed otherwise.

Third party information

Health Village is not responsible for any material produced or published by a third party to which this website may contain a link.

User's responsibility

The user is responsible for the accuracy of the information they provide through the website and for the delivery of the information. The user is responsible for ensuring that no material that is illegal or inappropriate is sent to this website. The user must make every reasonable effort to ensure that the submitted material does not contain any malware or other harmful material.

Personal data

No personal data is collected in the open-to-all part of Health Village. Those Health Village services that require registration or signing in have their own privacy policies.



Updated  27.7.2022