Referring to Health Village materials and intellectual property rights


The contents of Health Village may be quoted in accordance with good practice as long as the source is stated. The website address must be displayed in all publications in the format of hub.


  • Text reference: (Prevention of swelling, Health Village, Wound Hub (in Finnish)
  • Reference list: Prevention of swelling, Health Village, Wound Hub (in Finnish). Online address: Accessed on 19 November 2019

Intellectual property rights

The copyright and other related intellectual property rights of the Health Village online service belong to the Joint Authority HUS, the Finnish university hospital districts or third parties. All rights to the website and its content are reserved.

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The content of the pages may be used for study and teaching purposes with reference to the source (see the ‘Referencing’ section above). We hope that if you are using the contents for teaching purposes, you will let us know at

The material may be cited in accordance with the Finnish Copyright Act (404/1961). When citing the material, the source must always be stated. However, the trademarks and logos contained on the site may not be copied, published or further distributed without the written permission of Health Village.



Updated  27.7.2022