Health Village website service data and cookies

Health Village collects, processes and analyses data on the use of the site, traffic, events and other statistics related to the site. Health Village can also obtain such information from reliable third parties. Such information cannot be connected back to an individual identifiable person.

The Health Village website uses cookies. Cookies are files describing the use of the Health Village online service that are stored on the user's computer. By making use of cookies, Health Village can develop its website and ensure that it can meet the needs of its users even better. Cookies allow the online service to remember the content read by the browser and provide additional information about it.

By using the HealthVillagePRO service, you agree to the use of cookies. HealthVillagePRO can use cookies to store anonymously the user's IP address, time of visit, visited pages, the type of browser used (e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox), the web address from which the user came to the website and the server from which the user came to the website. Users cannot be identified based on the use of cookies. The use of cookies on the website does not affect information security.

Health Village may use cookie information from a visited page to target the information. With the help of this information, a visitor can see announcements on different websites that are relevant and important to them. Not all notifications are based on the use of cookies, and you can also see Health Village notifications online on the websites of different operators.

The user's browser most likely accepts cookies with default settings, but the user can change the browser settings and also delete cookies. Cookies are necessary for the functioning of some of the Internet services provided by Health Village, and therefore, Health Village does not guarantee the functionality of the services unless cookies are enabled.

The service includes third-party social plugins and technical tools. Health Village's Facebook and Twitter accounts have been embedded in the front page of Health Village. As a measurement and analysis service, Google Analytics and Hotjar are mainly used to conduct user surveys.

Third party services are subject to their own data protection practices and terms of use, and Health Village is not responsible for the collection or processing of data by these operators, including cookies and other monitoring techniques and links. We recommend that you review the terms and conditions and privacy practices of these third-party services.



Updated  27.7.2022