Start of Health Village - Virtual Hospital 2.0 project

The Health Village service entity was created in the Virtual Hospital 2.0 project, coordinated by HUS, as a joint project for all university hospital districts in Finland.

The Finnish Ministry of Social Affairs and Health granted several million euros for the Virtual Hospital 2.0 project for 2016–2018. The total funding of EUR 12 million included also 6 million from the government programme regarding the digitalisation of public services. The other six million came from the university hospital districts’ own funding during the project period.

After the project period, the university hospital districts will continue the development and maintenance of Health Village by a mutual agreement.

In addition, cooperation with primary health care, hospital districts, specific catchment areas and the hospital areas, research institutes, the private sector and patients and patient organisations continues.

Final report of the project


The parties include

The aim is also to support the capacity of the regions responsible for organising social and health care services to organise client-oriented services.


Updated  27.7.2022